George Sidiropoulos

About me

Currently I am a Machine Learning Researcher working on Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning at the International Hellenic University and the Athena Research Center. In the past I have worked on several fields, from texture and audio signal classification using ML/DL models to computer vision, text classification using Fuzzy Sets and game programming using Unity 3D. I have worked on several research projects, taking the lead of the software development process of one from the early stages.

I graduated (with honors) in 2021 from the Master of Philosophy Postgraduate studies program - "Advanced Technologies in Informatics and Computers" at the International Hellenic University (IHU). My dissertation focused on applying reinforcement learning on Crowd Simulation in Crisis Management, developing a crisis simulation system using the Unity3D Game Engine. I received my undergraduate diploma in Software Engineering direction of Computer and Informatics Engineering in 2018, from the International Hellenic University (IHU) of Kavala, graduating with honors.

I have published several studies in conferences and journals that focused on texture, audio signal and text classification, engagement detection/estimation, reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence, as well as literature reviews. more

Also, I have worked on several side-projects, such as:

  • Metric learning cross validation pipeline example

  • Generalized measures for application in Fuzzy Set Theory

  • pyltd2

  • and others

and have released 3 datasets.

I get very excited with opportunities where I can apply ML to solve different kinds of problems, work with highly creative people and develop ML models that serve the users and improve their experience.